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Fic: I forgot to tell you

Title: I forgot to tell you
Author: joans23
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Words: 444
Summary: Those three little words.
Notes: A little bit of fluff for superwicked, for reminding me that such a thing as schmoopy Sam/Dean still exists. And because my lj should consist entirely of never-ending declarations of love for her. ;) Un-beta'd because, on occation, I like living dangerously. Title and cut from Sarah McLachlan.

Dean's not even aware of coming down from his orgasm. He just sort of drifts straight into that blissful fucked-out state reserved for the righteous. Sam is still on top of him, inside of him, but Dean's halfway asleep already.

He's vaguely aware of Sam pulling out, the sticky warmth leaking out of him only adding to the calm running through his veins. Sam flops down on his back next to him and tugs at him until he's laying half on top of Sam, his head pillowed on Sam's chest. He can hear his brother's heart beating.

"Fuck, I love you," he thinks out loud and feels a soft laugh rumbling up from Sam's belly.

"Maybe I'd believe you if your declarations of love weren't always post-coital."

Sam is trying for levity, and with anyone else, he might get away with it. But even in his current state, Dean can hear the uncertainty and faint hurt laced through his tone. He falls asleep determined to fix it.

"Good morning," Sam greets him the next morning, kissing the top of his head as Dean peels open his heavy eyelids.

"I love you," Dean tells Sam and slides down his body to suck his cock. Sam's too busy coming down Dean's throat to pay much attention to the unfamiliar three little words.

"The early bird special with two extra fried eggs, a double helping of bacon, another four slices of toast and a big bottle of ketchup, please."

Sam looks embarrassed and offers their waitress an apologetic little smile.

"Just some waffles and coffee for me, thanks."

He waits until she's filled his cup and turned away before scowling at Dean.

"You're such a pig, Dean."

"I love you," Dean tells Sam.

Sam gives him this look that has him squirming in his seat and Dean covers it by stealing a sip of Sam's coffee.

"I love you," Dean tells Sam when they're done loading their duffels into the car. He steals a kiss from Sam's gaping mouth and slams the trunk shut.

"Dude, you don't have to keep saying that. I didn't mean what I said last night, okay?" Sam says as he walks over to the passenger side.

Dean waits until they're settled in their seats before leaning over and kissing Sam again. Sam kisses him back this time, lifting a hand to hold Dean in place against his mouth until they're done.

"I want to," Dean says, pulling back, and starts the car.

They're leaning back against the car, a couple of ice cold beers in hand as they watch the sun setting.

"I love you," Dean tells Sam.

"I love you too."

Tags: fiction, sam/dean

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