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Sticky Post : List of Fic

Het and other slash:

Ain't no kind of freedom: (Dean/OFC, 273 words, PG) She is running across the roof of the old warehouse where it held her captive.
If I lost you: (Dean/OFC, John/OFC, 1,236 words, PG) At first he’s annoyed with Sam for turning down the radio, but then he hears it too.
My whole summer turned cold: (Dean/Jo, 784 words, R) Jo's going to kill him.
Tonight I'm running wild: (Dean/Jo, 436 words, R) A sinner once a sinner twice/ No need for confession now / Cause now you have go the fight of your life.
Something left: (Dean/Jo, 441 words, R) Five times.
No Ordinary Love: (Dean/Jo, Sam/Jo, 506 words, PG) She was wiping down some tables when they walked in.
Starting from zero: (Dean/Jo, 1,249 words, PG) I got a fast car, I got a ticket to anywhere.
Turning back for home: (Dean, Sam/Jess, 324 words, PG) Dean is a fireman.
Down to nothing: (Dean/Jo, 357 words, R) You'll always be mine.
Silly girl: (Dean/Jo, 182 words, PG) All I want for Christmas.
Reached right into my head: (Jo, 1,000 words, R) Jo’s dream in a post-apocalypic AU
I'm on fire: (Dean/Jo, Sam/Jo, Dean/Sam, implied Dean/Jo/Sam, 1,455 words, R) I got a bad desire.
Where solitude expands: (Dean/Jo, 234 words, PG) I'm asking you, stay with me.
Turn to run: (Dean/girl!Sam, 2,120 words, NC-17) Sam and Dean are CDC agents. Sam has always been a girl.
Wrong kind of paradise: (Dean/Jo, 1,658 words, R) Dean and Jo run away together. Jo doesn’t know Dean’s a hunter.
Thy will, love: (Sam/Jo, 5,366 words, PG-13) Everything Jo knows and loves has gone up in flames with the Roadhouse. So she does the only thing she can, she hunts. When she tries so save a little boy from a djin, she ends up falling under its spell instead. What is the only thing Jo could ever wish for? Originally posted here.
Consolation: (Sam/Jo/Dean, 1,895 words, NC-17) Jo lost everyone at the Roadhouse and learns to deal. Originally posted here.
Through your eyes:(John/Jo, 1,100 words, R) She’s a slip of a girl, blond hair wild tangles around her dirt streaked face when John first sees her.
Run with me: (girl!Sam/Jo, 2,000 words, R) Run with me through rows of speeding cars.
not just for men: (girl!Dean/Eowyn, 590 words, PG) She can feel her eyes on her as she opens the chest.
The storm inside: (Sam/Ruby, 269 words, R) It had to be you, Sammy. It always had to be you.
You don't get me: (Sam/Jo/Dean, 300 words, PG-13) "You tell me that you've got everything you want, And your bird can sing, But you don't get me, you don't get me"
be my everlovin baby: (John/Dean, 700 words, NC-17) Underage non-con daddycest mpreg
Wrong way home: (girl!Sam/Dean, 953 words, R) His sister is different.


Alive: (Sam/Dean, 832 words, R) Sam without Dean.
Forever, Now and Then (The Paint Scratch Remix): (Sam/Dean, 2,690 words, NC-17) It’s been two weeks and Sam’s had enough of waiting. Originally posted here. Remix of Here and Now by thehighwaywoman
Trapped in yearning (The Possession Remix): (Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess, 1,165 words, R) Possession is nine tenths of the law. Remix of He's mine by flawedamythyst
They had each other: (Sam/Dean, 250 words, PG) Dean won’t stop singing.
Lost love: (Sam/Dean, 415 words, PG) It's all about Dean.
Look at me and know: (Sam/Dean, 1,766 words, R) If he wasn’t his brother, maybe he’d love him back.
Our love will never die: (Sam/Dean, 670 words, R) Some quiet loving.
What heaven will allow: (Sam/Dean, 22,000 words, NC-17) Dean is happy following in his father's footsteps, working the day shift down at the sawmill. Sam can't wait to finish school and move away from their crappy little town to somewhere new. Somewhere they can be unknown and maybe he can walk down the street holding his brother's hand. Then a drifter passing through town happens upon them in Caleb's old cabin in the woods on a Sunday afternoon and changes the course of their lives forever. Written for spn_j2_bigbang 2009
Where we belong: (Sam/Dean, 1,600 words, R) They've made it this far and they've still got each other, but now what? Written for whenthewarsover
Drive You Home (The Bound Brothers Remix): (Gen, 1,000 words, PG) This is what they need to do to save the world. Originally posted here. Remix of Headlights on Dark Roads by riverbella
Reflect in the Sun: (Sam/Dean, 2,600 words, R) The angels give Dean what he needs to defeat the demons, but typically, don't tell him everything. Luckily Sam is there to help him figure it out.
Hearts Get Torn: (Gen, 1,000 words, PG) Dean will always be Sam's big brother.
I forgot to tell you: (Sam/Dean, 444 words, R) Those three little words.
Even Heroes Bleed: (Sam/Dean, 8,000 words, R) Sam's been hiding his feelings from his brother, but he's not the only one keeping secrets.
Beware of night: (Sam/Dean, 3,419 words, R) When Sam Winchester was nine years old, his brother shot him. Twenty years later, it happens again.
The Widow Tree: (Sam/Dean, 5,348 words, R) Dean's feelings for his brother get the better of him just as a cursed town needs a sacrifice.
Can't Feel Nothing: (Sam/Dean, 3,580 words, R) Sam is back from the pit and finding it very hard to control his feelings for his brother.
Sons o' Desolation: (Sam/Dean, 21,675 words, NC-17) He was born on the frontier, raised on the trail, a man molded to his saddle and by his gun. Lawman, gunfighter, outlaw, call him what you will - Dean Winchester was all and none of these. The trail for his father's killer grown cold, Dean rode into the small town of Bond, Kansas. He came looking for work, something to see him through the coming winter before he could continue on his quest for justice. The moment he crossed paths with the young preacher however, he knew he'd found more than he bargained for. Written for spn_j2_bigbang.
Willing to Sacrifice (The Cold as Ice Remix): (Sam/Dean, 1K, PG) It's just like any other time John comes back to his boys - until it's not. Remix of when you gonna love you as much as i do by maerhys. Originally posted here.
Underneath the stars: (Sam/Dean, 1,158 words, PG) Dean is drunk. Drunk like... Just really fucking drunk.


Empty Fantasy: (Peter/Susan, 294 words, R) Who was he doing this for? He couldn’t answer, he didn’t have the words.
Forgive me: (Peter/Susan, Peter/Caspian, 360 words, R) Susan can hear Lucy’s high pitched squeal and Edmund’s broken laugh as they chase each other down the street.
This cannot be: (Susan/Peter, Caspian/Peter, Susan/Caspian/Peter, 400 words, R) It started with Susan.
Please, don't leave me: (Susan/Edmund, Peter/Caspian, Peter/Susan, Peter/Edmund, 289 words, R) One look from Caspian and they knew it would change everything, even though Peter tried to pretend otherwise for a while.
Not broken: (Susan/Lucy, 250 words, NC-17) She's not broken, she's just a baby.


That much better: (Jared/Jensen, 230 words, R) Soapbox Derby ficlet.
Guide you home: (Jared/Jensen, 3,500 words, R) He’s just a beat cop doing his job.
We'll be just fine: (Jared/Jensen, 1,890 words, R) “The job, me … it’s changed. It’s not worth dying for.”
By the Stars: (Jared/Jensen, 6,000 words, NC-17) Inspired by LA Confidential. Jensen is a detective with a soft spot for abused men, Jared is a high class hooker who crosses his path during an investigation.
A heart like mine" (Jared/Jensen, 960 words, PG) Sometimes, it's meant to be.
What good does it do: (Jensen/Anne, 304 words, PG) All she sees at first is a flash of dirty blond hair.
baby i confess, i was not expecting this; (i have been waiting for someone like you) - Jared/Jensen, originally posted here, written for enablelove's Moar Schmoop Meme
late night serenade by jensen when he thinks jared is still sleeping - Jared/Jensen, originally posted here, written for enablelove's Moar Schmoop Meme
Candy apples: (Jared/Jensen, 569 words, PG) Jensen tried hard to get Jared to eat something healthy, he really did.
Dreams come true: (Jared/Jensen, 13,000 words, PG) Jensen's just returned from the war when he meets Jared, a college student on his way home to reveal a big secret. Their lives ... and hearts, become entwined. Written for whenboymeetsboy.
Worn out faces: (Jensen/Zach, 700 words, R) Zach is tired of only getting Jensen's cast-offs, this time he wants the man himself.
Let her down: (Chris/Anne, Zach/Jensen, 800 words, PG-13) It was high time to let go of the past and move on with her life, Anne decides as she places her hand on his arm.
Whatever the mess you are, you're mine: (Jared/Jensen, 700 words, PG) It can all be a little overwhelming, getting to be with the love of your life.
Say hello, wave goodbye: (Zach/Jensen, Zach/Chris, 493 words, PG) Turns out it's not his heart that gets broken this time.
Touch the sky - Jared/Kristen, 776 words, PG) She could have this.
A moment alone: (Jared/Jensen, 1,000 words, NC-17) It's going to be okay, Jared will make sure of it.
Someone to believe in: Chris/Zachary, 600 words, PG) What if it is just all too good to be true?
Found a way: (Chris/Zach, Jared/Kristen, 1,000 words, PG) Talking about it makes it real.
Another start: (Jared/Jensen, 7,000 words, R) This was supposed to be their happily ever after, but life turned out a little differently than they planned. Despite how painful it is, Jared decides to try and reclaim his life and Jensen ... well, Jensen just wants Jared back. Written for spn_meanttobe
Had To Be: (Jared/Jensen, 2,000 words, R) Jared has fabulous hair, and he owes it all to Jensen.
Don't Walk Away: (Jared/Jensen, 12,100 words, PG) Jensen's boyfriend won't commit. Jared's heart might be broken beyond repair. Will a little nudge in the right direction by the people who love them most set them on the path to true love and happiness?
Tokyo Nights: (Jared/Jensen, 5,793 words, NC-17) Porn. Okay, no. Jared knows that flying all over the world to promote yourself is part of the business, but it doesn't mean he has to like it. One night in Tokyo, a hooker named Jensen and a favor from Chad later, he's ready to give it all up. But seriously? Porn.
Sunday in September: (Jared/Jensen, 3,840 words, PG) The obstacles in the way of their love seem to keep adding up. Will they eventually be able to overcome them?
When you kiss me: (Jared/Jensen, 5,325 words, NC-17) A sorta fairytale, complete with curses and happily ever afters, J2 style.

Gen Kill

Made to be broken: (Brad/Nate, 1,000 words, PG) Being part of the heavenly host is all that it's cracked up to be.
Everything that shines: (Brad/Nate, 1,665 words, PG) The pain is excruciating.


The one I love: (Kurt/Karofsky, 14,915 words, NC-17) He's been gone for ten years when Kurt returns home for the holidays and runs into the one person he thought he never wanted to see again.


down to the bone: (m/m + f, 4,500 words, NC-17) Kayla is a good girl.


Tears - Dean/Jo
What she sees in colours - Dean/OFC
Just do it - Dean/Jo
Anyplace is better - Dean/Jo
Sacrifice - Dean/Jo
Secret Prayer - Dean/Jo
When I hold you naked - ,Dean/Jo
When their eyes meet - Dean/Jo
Nights of winter rain - Dean/Jo
Taken from the world - Dean/Jo
Can't see - Sam and Dean (gen)
Peppermint - Dean/Jo
Trampled Rose - Dean, Sam/Jo
As it begins - Dean, Sam/Jo
You have to be - Dean, girl!Sam/OMC
At the break of dawn - Dean/Jo
Five drabbles - Sam/Dean
Persuasion - Sam/Dean
Christmas Drabbles

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