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Happiness meme, day #6, 7 & 8 (The weekend edition)

- Dinner with friends.
- Pretty pink on my nails.
- Early morning runs.
- Shopping for pearls.
- Shopping!
- Colouring away the greys.
- Finally finding The Wind Through The Keyhole on the shelves!
- Buying an extra copy for a friend.
- Just visiting with my parents.
- Hugging my guy even though he's filthy after a hard day's work.
- Talking about how happy he makes me.
- Telling him how happy he makes me.
- My guy playing me a schmoopy love song.
- Having a few hours to myself to watch Castle.
- The way his mom talks about me and to me. So sweet!
- How pretty my mom looked for Sunday lunch.
- Spying a few grey hairs on my guy.
- Taking a slow Sunday afternoon ride on the bike.
- Washing his dirty sheets.
- Going to the movies.
- Drying my hair while he packs out his closet.
- The gusty, icy cold wind.
- Tea.
- Being held almost too tightly.
- Keeping tally of the items on this list the whole weekend.
- Seeing others do this meme! Sharing in the happy makes me happy!!


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