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Being all arty farty

UGH! I'm stuck at work and soooo bored. I've been having fun, playing with crafty things, but now I'm just tired and I want to go home. Also, I miss my guy.

He did a bike race today and stayed over with friends so they could leave really early this morning. I don't know what he was looking forward to most - the race, or hanging with the guys. After what I'm sure was a couple of drinks, I got this weird bbm saying that it was weird being himself again, that he likes being himself 100 times more with me. The gist of it was that he was missing me, but the word choice kinda threw me. So with me he's not himself? In what way? Who is he then? I don't know whether to just chalk it up to drunken texting, or if I should ask him about it. Right now I'm missing him so much, I think I might just leave it.

Anyway. I was actually just gonna post about the crafty stuff that's been saving my day. ;)

These are filled with stuff that smells sooooo good. Made the brown one first for my dad for his truck, then got inspired for the grey one for my mom.

I really like those red beads I used! I kinda want to keep it. :P

These are fridge magnets. The all pink one was my first attempt - I didn't really put enough stuffing in that one. Think I'm gonna give the other one to my sister.

Keeping this one for myself. Also a fridge magnet one. Wish I had something other than buttons with me to put in the middle. But this one is really pretty!

The fruit of my day's labour. Happy now, but damn, my back is killing me! Wanna go home now.


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