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But I won't cry for yesterday

First I ran a PB on a 25km race on Saturday - broke the 3 hour mark! Yes, only by 2 minutes, but it sooo counts! Then I went home and still cleaned my house, did washing and mopped the floors before taking my congratulatory shower. The best part? My guy waiting for me at the finish with a cup of coke and a sachet of water. I took them from him and he promptly knocked them out of my hands as he wrapped me up in a huge hug, telling me (and every one around) how very proud he was of me. *beams*

Sunday we spent in the Park with my sister and her hubby. We saw a lion, some elephants really close up and lots and lots of hippos! We never see the hippos like this! It was a real treat. Plus, it was so nice hanging out with my sister and we were more chilled and relaxed than we've been in aaaages. So much fun, even if I was almost too stiff to move, lol!

Then last night they tried to break into my parent's house. They stole a bunch of my dad's tools and machinery. All while my folks were in the kitchen, right next door, watching the Olympics! Thank goodness they only came to steal and ran away as soon as my sister hit the alarm - it could've been so much worse! Am a little mad at my parents - they're practically living in Fork Knox, but nothing was locked or armed or anything. The alarm's been giving problems for weeks, but instead of spending the R350 to have it fixed, they'd rather be murdered in their bloody kitchen! ARGHHHHHH!! They're having it all fixed today, but it almost too little, too late.

And then. Oh, God. My guy is always giving me his phone, especially when we're driving, and asking me to type bbm and text messages for him. So he hands me his phone and I'm about to start typing when I see a name fourth on his Chats list. That name. The ex-girlfriend's name. Now I am assuming that it's her - it's not a very common name and as far as I know, he doesn't know anyone else by that name. I checked and they only exchanged a joke or two. But it's bugging me. Oh, how it is bugging me! Now, I know I have nothing to worry about and if he wanted to hide it, he could've erased it or he would've been more careful about handing me his phone. I'm not the jealous type - or at least, I'mm very good at hiding it, but this! I'm trying not to freak out, but I even had a nightmare about it last night, so obviously, I already kinda am. I'm thinking about the next time he gives me his phone, to "accidentally" find her and ask him if it is, indeed, her. And if he says it is, I'm preparing my speech for asking him to take her off. I'm not being totally unreasonable and/or crazy, right? It's not like I have any reason to read anything into it, but the thought of this person alive in the world that he's touched the way he's touched me, that he's held the way he's held me, that he loved... It's bad enough. I do not want to be reminded of her existence every time his phone goes plingggg! /being crazy girlfriend.


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