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Even if I gained 10 pounds

Posting this while having my leftovers (that I actually brought for lunch) for tea, so excuse the slobber.

We hit 40 days this week - it's 37 today - a little tidbit that my guy was very mad at me for not picking up on, lol! I never thought I'd be one of those girls counting down the days to her wedding, but God help me, I can't wait to be married to this man.

I used to laugh at how planning their wedding was the only thing prospective brides could talk about, and now I'm one of them! ARGH!!!!! I'm just so afraid of forgetting something. Case in point, it hit me like a ton of bricks last night that I've forgotten all about the champagne! Air brain, I tell you. SO! I'll bore you with one little thing and then say no more on the subject.

We did a little test run and this is how the table turned out. I'm very happy with it and it kinda surprised the socks off my guy. No idea what he was expecting, but it's safe to say he was pleasantly surprised. After seeing this, he got all, OMG, WE'RE GETTING MARRIED! He went out the next day to buy his suit - something he'd been putting off for ages and started organizing the speeches and whatnot. So yeah, in 37 days, THAT IS SO HAPPENING! Hehehe!

In other news, have been busy with work as usual, feels like even busier on weekends. If we're not running, we're visiting somewhere or going for a ride on the bike. But it's all good. Even though we're busy, it's a good kind of busy. Still relaxing, doing things we love doing, having fun and just enjoying life. It's alll gooood.

superwicked wouldn't believe that I've turned into a biker chick without proof, so last weekend I finally got her some. Teehee! My mom also called me a biker chick the other day, and when I protested that I most definitely was not a biker chick in the traditional sense of the word, she insisted that I was her biker chick. Awwww!

A little update on the ex-girlfriend thing, we had a very good talk about it, I only cried a little (I can't help it, it's just how my body reacts to these type of situations) and it did wonders for us. I got everything off my chest that I needed to and discovered that he had some things that he'd been wanting to say as well. I resolved once again to OPEN MY DAMN MOUTH, but I know that won't last. Maybe one day I'll be better.

I have to moan just a wee bit though. One of the things I love most about my guy is that he's not this overly romantic type. I've never liked that, I don't trust it. But sometimes, just sometimes, I just wish he was a liiiiitle bit more romantic. Next week is my birthday and Monday he got me my gift. Of course he couldn't wait and I had to open it immediately. He got me pots. Pots. In his own way, I know he meant well and he really thought he was doing good, cause it was something I had talked about, but come on! Pots. Enough sulking. I'm learning to love my little pots. *grin*

Now I'm gonna read through my f/list for a bit and maybe get some work done! IF I can resist Pinterest for that long. HA!


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