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go to sleep, my love, beside me

Because I have nothing better to talk about, some pretty things that make me happy.

I love this song, and his voice! Everyone was waiting, for you to come outside. It's like he's singing my life.

Love the song, but the video's kinda awesome too. When he touches his mom's face in that picture. The little doggy running! And just looking up at him with so much love. Our love was meant for movie screens. Le sigh.

The video doesn't have much to do with the song for me, but it's a very cool video! And song! And band! They're my new favourite! I want everybody else in the world to know. I wanted everyone to know that you're the girl for me.

What's not to love? The freedom. Beautiful naked people. The touches. The love.

This band. OMG! This song. I can't stop listening to it. It's everything I love in music all in one song. This, this is what touches me in the soul area.

Can't remember if I've raved about them yet or not, but OMG, this girl! She is so... just so.... yeah. I love everything about her. And thus, the band. :P The whole CD is amazing, it's not often one can listed to a CD front to back without not liking something. But I think Test on my Patience is my favourite. Or no! I Said You Were Lucky! Yesssss.

I feel like I need new icons. Lots of new icons. But I just don't have the time or inclination to go and find any. Anyway, life is good. Too good sometimes to bear. And still a struggle too. Always, I guess. Hope things are good with everyone! LOVE!!!


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