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So I was listening to Joe Purdy and Garrison Starr's cover of Mansion on the Hill (done for the Long Distance Salvation tribute to Bruce Springsteen album) and missing my Abster and then just got this urge to listen to candle_beck's podfic of Famous Ghosts of Texas and oh, oh my greatness. This, this was why I fell in love with Sam and Dean and fandom and candle_beck and writing and it was so, so, so perfect. It was everything Sam/Dean should, and could, ever be. This was the show I watched and loved, this was the fandom I wanted to be a part of. I still get a notification every now and then of people that voted in the poll of last year's big bang and they all seem so strange to me. I don't recognize any of them, their names don't even seem right, somehow. I know, it makes no sense, but still feeling a bit nostalgic today at how magical it all was, how good we had it.

You know what's funny? How someone can say something really small, a little silly joke, and it can really dig in there and gnaw at you until it takes over your brain and brings out all of these things that you thought you were over and weren't ever gonna allow yourself to bother you again, but there it is and you're still thinking about it and letting it drive you crazy. I have issues, is what I'm saying. :P

Also? I got to use my I-want-a-warthog-for-Christmas icon today and that is always, always a good thing.


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