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As chairperson of samescenes’s Seekrit Ninja Fan Club, I took it upon myself to wish her THE HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVER! Everyone wanted the honour of doing this, but I beat them off with my supercharged Frank-killing stick, so we are also now open for new membership! Woohoo!
For you, my dearest, some SUPER CASPER! (remember, it’s the thought that counts!)

Title: Forgive me
Author: joans23
Pairing: Susan/Peter, Caspian/Peter
Rating: R

Susan can hear Lucy’s high pitched squeal and Edmund’s broken laugh as they chase each other down the street. It sounds a million miles away from where Peter has her pinned against the rough red bricks at the back of the bus stop. He’s got one hand up her skirt, and his mouth hot and damp against her neck.

The bougainvillea that shields them rustles suspiciously and Peter rips his hand away so fast the snap of her underwear‘s elastic against her skin echoes like thunder.

He takes half a step back, stands with his face turned away from her, but there’s nothing.


When Susan looks at him, he’s peering at her from beneath his long hair hanging over his eyes and she can’t tell if he means it. She slips out the other side without a word.


Susan takes a little half jump from the last step leading out of the library and is jerked roughly into the shadows by a hand on her arm.

“I apologise, my Queen.”

“Caspian! What are you doing here?”

“I don’t know, your Highness. I went to sleep alone in my own bed and awoke in the bushes behind this magnificent building just a short moment ago. You did not summon me here?”

“No. Let’s get to the others. Peter will know what to do.”

‘How … how fares King Peter?”

“Good. He’s good.”

He doesn’t ask about the others. Susan feels her eyes narrow suspiciously and he can only look away.


She can see her brother’s fingers tangled in the waves of black hair on the head between his legs. There are drops of sweat running down his heaving chest and trembling stomach.

Peter bucks under the other man’s mouth, arching up into it and she knows the sounds of pleasure coming from his lips better than her own name. He comes with a strangled moan and pulls Caspian up to lick the taste from his mouth. Caspian breaks the kiss, buries his face against Peter’s neck as he ruts against him.

He casts his guilty eyes towards her, mouths I’m sorry before Caspian captures his lips again.

Tags: fiction, narnia

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