gorgeous and affecting (joans23) wrote,
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Two for the price of one

I was really not looking forward to this week's 100_ghostsprompt, I knew I was going to struggle with it. Ended up with two drabbles though (not really sure if I like either one), so here goes... Both titles and cuts taken from the new Alison Krauss/Robert Plant CD Raising Sand.

Title : As it begins
Author : Joans23
Rating : R
Paring : Dean, Sam/Jo
Prompt : From 100_ghosts: smell

Dean tried not to think too hard about what would happen when the hounds came for him. He expected pain and burning and sulpher.
There is pain. Oh God, yes, there is pain, but it’s almost sweet and aching and the burning feels a million miles away. But no sulpher.
Instead there’s early morning sunshine on Jo’s skin and Sam’s aftershave lingering in the steam of a motel bathroom and his dad’s leather jacket before it became his. There’s gasoline and transmission fluid and fresh rubber on a hot tar road. There’s fresh coffee and sweet blueberry pie.
There’s hope.

Title : Trampled Rose
Author : Joans23
Rating : R 
Paring : Dean, Sam/Jo
Prompt : From 100_ghosts: smell

Gingerly Dean steps through the half open apartment door. Prays that he’s not too late. He tries the light, but somehow already knows the power will be off and continues searching for them in the dark. It stinks of fucking, blood and something familiar that fights to be remembered, something he tried to forget. He half stumbles his way to the bedroom over littered debris, his legs keep trying to fold in under him. He pauses in the doorway, waiting for his heart to stop pounding, for his eyes to adjust.
This is where he finally finds Jo and Sam.
Tags: drabble, fiction

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