gorgeous and affecting (joans23) wrote,
gorgeous and affecting


Just a little something I made for 

theladyscribe in our card/fic exchange. Some shameless Dean/Jo schmoop with a matching wallpaper to boot.

Title : Silly Girl
Author : Joans23
Rating : PG
Paring : Dean/Jo


Slowly and carefully Jo unwraps the whispy red ribbon from around the small golden box. She could barely believe her eyes when she woke up to find Dean sitting on the edge of her bed, holding it out to her as though it was going to bite off his fingers any second now. She ties the ribbon around her wrist in a neat little bow, showing it off to Dean with an innocent, carefree smile that steals his already stolen heart. With a squeel of delight she lifts off the lid, revealing the simple leather bracelet rattling around loose inside the box. She holds it and her other wrist out to Dean, who silently ties it, stopping to lightly wrap his fingers round her wrist for a moment before letting go. She beams down at it for a couple of seconds, but then her smile falls. She barely looks up as she whispers “… but I didn’t get you anything.”

Dean let’s out a hearty laugh as he wraps his arms around her. “Silly girl, all I want for Christmas is you.”


Merry Christmas everybody.
Tags: fiction, het

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