gorgeous and affecting (joans23) wrote,
gorgeous and affecting

At the break of dawn

Title : At the break of dawn
Author : Joans23
Rating : PG
Paring : Dean/Jo
Prompt : Drabble written for 100_ghostsprompt : love is in the air

He stands motionless in the doorway. Just listens to her breathing. He wants to reach out, trail his hand down the smooth curve of her spine, softly wake her and tell her … Instead he closes his eyes, balls his hands into tight fists, fights it.
He doesn’t see her open her eyes when he turns to go. Doesn’t see her reach for him in the empty space beside her though she knows he’s not there. She listens, tries to hear his footsteps over the deafening beat of her heart. Breaks down in tears when the engine roars to life.
Tags: drabble, fiction

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